Monday, September 15, 2014

To Vertical Or Not To Vertical

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Time to dork out on something I feel strongly about:  vertical photographs. 

Transcendent verticals are hard to make.  The other day a flash issue from a broken ball head forced me to take heaps of verticals - I was using a 35mm Leica rangefinder tethered to a shoulder strapped Lumedyne flash.  I was forced into a situation I didn't ask for.  I had to give up the comfort of a horizontal  After a 30 second panic, I remembered that I work hard not to be a lazy shooter and need to force myself to look at things stacked up in addition to spread out. 

For me, a vertical is well made because it is like climbing and descending a ladder with your eyes. A nicely drawn horizontal is more about a visual motion of left to right and back again, like water. Interruptions in the frame, are always satisfying, no matter the orientation.

Eyes want to go peripherally, left to right to center. Turning the frame vertically is a game changer. The eyes and brain are forced into a paradigm they are not physiologically ready to try. 

The goal is to see how we, as photographers, can look at cameras as a drawing tool, not a slapdash lazy way to hold a phone.

Friday, August 22, 2014

All About Pairs

 Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Today is all about #pairs! These black and white photographs were all shot with film in a custom #pannaroma #filmcamera. I used Kodak #triX #realfilm and had the negatives scanned on an Imacon Flextight Scanner. I’d like to thank the #models who let me shove my strobe in their faces whenever I want. I love you. xx Angela. Good Blu Lumedyne Gitzo #darkroom Kodak Film

Monday, July 28, 2014

We Are Gathered Here

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

"Angela, why the wedding thing?"  I get this question a lot. For some reason, the thing I'm interested in is a head-scratcher to my peers.

What I am doing, is a form of anthropological record-keeping.  I am listening to the toll of a historical bell that records trends, social messages and even political maturity of a country that embraces the cult-like religion of normalcy and consumerism.  Sometimes, people just want to let it all hang out, their hang ups, their quirks, their freakish delights.  That's when I show up, and I fire away till I've got what I came for.

The Wedding is the perfect dramatic backdrop where heightened anxieties and emotions play out. I have an eye for narrative, in that way, I have a classic illustrator’s eye. And the ceremony, the ritual, the big emotional theater of weddings suits a photographic sensibility that’s sharp in spotting social nuances.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Education Photography at Ivy League Academy

 Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

I am pleased to share a recent shoot I did at the prestigious 17 acre campus of Ivy League Academy in Smithtown, NY.  The school brought me in to cast and document the lower school students on their last day of class before summer.  Ivy League is a wonderful place to be a kid.

Our goal was to demonstrate the camaraderie and fellowship among the students. That wasn't hard.  You can see how close they all are in the pictures below.  The older ones really take it upon themselves to look after the younger ones, and in that sense, they are all brothers and sisters. Growing up together in a place like this engenders a feeling of safety and compatibility, and it was a pleasure to photograph.