Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gender Is Fluid

Words + Pictures by  Angela Cappetta

From the Cotton Bride
"We speak so glowingly about the past - the roaring 20's, the glam 50's, the swinging 60's, etc.  But, those decades, no matter how they are portrayed, do not come close to the incredible times we are living in now.  Today, anyone can marry anyone, irrespective of their sex.  For those whose lives have never required them to feel different from the status quo, these enormous cultural strides may not mean much.  But for so many others, the freedoms gained over the last decade are nothing short of magnificent.

When Angela Cappetta first suggested shooting our new look-book featuring Aine Rose Campbell, top model and face of sustainable fashion, and Jeffrey Marsh, a gender-fluid celebrity and writer, we didn't hesitate.  As a brand, there is nothing The Cotton Bride values more than personal expression.  For this reason, the opportunity to showcase our designs on two such unique individuals, celebrating the very real intellectual and societal progress we have made as human beings, was one we felt proud to support. 

We hope you enjoy these beautiful, mesmerizing images - images which only a few years ago would have been unimaginable."   Fikre Ayele, The Cotton Bride


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Deep South Brides at 21C

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

When its magical, its magical. Raine and Chasity had a drop dead, deep south wedding at the 21c Museum Hotel. Reform Baptist minister, check. Chicken and waffles, check. Dior, check.  These ladies did it right. Now sit back, relax and soak up this remarkable wedding.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scout's General at New York Fashion Week

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Scout's General is a new line by @Scout_Willis that focuses on body positive, fabulous-on-everybody, serious fashion. The kicker is that its all pretty affordable. The most expensive item in this season's lineup is a full length, 4 button merino coat that runs approx $800 retail. This means that these feel-good fabric designs by Scout Willis and Harold Kuhn are within reach to most women (and men).

I got to be the exclusive photographer to this day-long fashion show held at a secret loft in TriBeCa. During the day only those in the know came by to sip coctktails, see the clothes on the model and place orders. People like, ahem, Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week, and Scout's dad, Bruce Willis. “It’s like a little respite from fashion week where people can come and have a few drinks, have some scones, chill out,” Scout said.

You can read more about Scout and Harold's line in articles on Refinery29 and T Magazine with all pictures by yours truly. I am in love with a Katheryn Hepburn-esque, deep indigo gown that is a sheer silk shell and worn with a charmeuse slip underneath. Can't wait to order one!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Because Valentine's Day

Words + Photos by Angela Cappetta

We can't with these two. Just can't. These pictures say it all. Enjoy your Valentine's Day Proposal session shot at Flatiron and Eataly NYC and congrats to Gerald and Christina who came from Nashville for the holiday weekend. Gerald pulled out all the stops; he even got her a dress from Rent the Runway for the day (the excuse was so she'd have something special to wear to the theatre that night). Little did she know why. Here it is, in all its spontaneous glory; a classic New York City engagement proposal. Since no proposal would be complete without an espresso at Eataly NYC, that also happened.