Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Good Morning America Shoot

Words & Pictures by Angela Cappetta

One of the excellent things about my job is the extraordinary people I get to meet. I meet all different types from all walks of life. When I first met Alberto Orso, it was when I shot his wedding which was featured on Good Morning America. We were introduced by a mutual friend in LA, and it came full circle. We've stayed in touch, as he his husband are wondrous souls. So, lucky for me, I also shot his spiffy new work portrait in my studio. He wanted something very meta. Just the bare bones portrait. That's what we worked to achieve.

Here are some fun, behind the scenes pictures and out-takes of the official #photoshoot for @GMA Senior Producer Alberto Orso. Shot by #photographer Angela Cappetta in her #NYC studio.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family Time on the NYC High Line

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Sometimes the simplest definition of family is all that matters. Such is the case with this shoot.  These Chelsea arrivals have taken to walking together on the Highline as a daily ritual, and one day they asked me to come along, so I did. Here's what happened.  


Monday, May 11, 2015

Cherry Blossom Time in Brooklyn

  Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

A healthy obsession with seasonal blooms is never a bad thing. Case in point: this ‪#‎cherryblossom‬ ‪#‎editorial‬ shot at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you haven't seen the cherry blossoms yet, it is a can't miss, they're incredible. Everyone needs to visit them at least ones to experience their glory. Special thanks to Taylor who did wardrobe on this shoot.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Coming in Hot: A Vancouver Proposal in NYC

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Some people are planners, others like to do things at the last minute.  Such is the case with Marc.  He called me 36 hours before deciding to whisk his gal to NYC to propose. He convinced her she was joining him for a work conference.  She bought it.

On the down low, Marc and I quickly settled on a location.  It would be the iconic Central Park pond with the historic Plaza behind them.  I hid in a bush (a curious New Yorker walking her Golden Doodle asked me why I was hiding in the bushes--classic. I hurriedly explained myself to her satisfaction.)

Just like the way they flew in, they strided through the park, side by side, coming in hot.  He coaxed her into jumping a fence for a picture.  Then he took a knee.

Gasp, ring, joy.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Model Alliance

Words by Sarah Ziff & Angela Cappetta
Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Dozens of top models in a NYC loft and its not even Fashion Week?

That's what happens when models Sarah Ziff -Chairman, and Aine Rose Campbell - Advisory Board Member, assemble a panel to discuss life after the runway to a room full of nw and retiring talent.  The thing is, said panel is made up mostly of models.  But not just any models.  We're talking the faces of Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Gap. Magazine covers, billboards, features in the well. These are models with distinguished careers.  Plot twist!  They're all semi retried, and they're all under 40. So what's next for these ambitious muses?  That's exactly the point.

Sarah says: "[Recently], the Model Alliance hosted "Careers Beyond the Runway," a panel discussion for models interested in developing new careers within and outside of the fashion industry. The panel featured Monica Watkins, founder of Art in Motion, Tara Stiles, best-selling author and founder and CEO of Strala Yoga, Paula Viola, counsel at IMG Models Worldwide, Lisa Davies, labor and delivery nurse at Lenox Hill Hospital, and Lauren Gordon, career counsel at Career Transition For Dancers. The panelists spoke about their modeling experiences and how they transitioned to their new careers. We are grateful to them for their valuable insights and to MA advisory board member Aine Campbell for organizing this panel. Thanks to Angela Cappetta LLC for photographing the event."