Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ravishing Red Dress at Crash Mansion

 Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta 

The words crash + mansion often don't make it into the same sentence, but this rock inspired knot-tying was held at the eponymous Crash Mansion.  Complete with performers, low-lying fog (yes, low-lying fog), cross dressers, board games instead of centerpieces, a glitter man - as opposed to flower girl - and other various themed goodies, this wedding, however performance-themed, was utterly fab and fun-loving. We wish this amazing couple the best and loudest fairy tale a couple could ever have.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park has a Beach

Words and Pictures by Angela Cappetta  
Amy and Chiqui live and work in Brooklyn, so it made sense to shoot their engagement session there.  Since their nuptials are taking place at a beachy locale (SolĂ© East in Montauk) it ties in well. We also hoofed it around Brooklyn Heights and found other spiffy points of interest in which to photograph these two lovebirds.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Soho Wedding Weekend

Words and Pictures by Angela Cappetta

MaryAnne makes hand made chocolates and Kiran is a Wall Streeter with dreams of being an Italian cordwainer. They want to start a Swiss chocolate and shoes company someday, but for now they are busy being fantastic. They had a fab wedding in NoLiTa, NYC. MaryAnne even took in a martini at Jo's Nolita with a friend just before she walked down the aisle.  Everything was intimate, elegant and packed a punch, just like them.