Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing Turkey: Pre Wedding Henna Night

Words and Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Dear Clients, 
Please repeat entire wedding week in Turkey so I can shoot it again. By the way, the plane tickets and the weekend in Cappodoccia was the best tip I ever got on a job ever in my entire career. Thank you.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Romantic Gay Wedding Proposal / New York State

 Words and Pictures by Angela Cappetta

It is no secret how much we support same sex wedding rights.  In keeping with that spirit, we wanted to introduce our readers to these two amazing women.  In advance of their LEGAL New York State nuptials (yay!) -- Randie and Kim sat for a winter engagement sitting at Full Moon Farm.  These two ladies were beaming.  However, we can't help but notice that their canine baby Shana might have stolen the show.

This shoot along with their engagement story was featured on one of our favorite same sex nuptial blogs SoYoureEngayged

From Kim : "We were engaged and despite all the pre-engagement talks about how Randie didn’t want an engagement ring, I knew she was missing out on half the fun of being engaged by not having one. A month after our engagement we were driving back from a meeting with a wedding vendor and I convinced her to stop at the cheesy hibachi restaurant. Over dinner I said, “You know I really thought you were gonna propose here.” She said, that that had been the plan, but since I was clearly going to explode if I had to wait another week, she did it at the farmhouse instead. I asked how she would have proposed at the restaurant and she described the entire proposal plan: out in the Japanese Garden by the waterfall with the thumping sounds of the restaurant’s nightclub in the distance (seriously I can’t express how amazingly kitchy this place is). After dinner we walked through the garden to the car and I stopped her and recreated the proposal as she had explained it over dinner. When I pulled out her ring, I thought she was gonna fall over. She was totally surprised and so excited, it turns out she had had wanted a ring afterall."

Kim and Randie, we are so glad for your happiness and we wish you a lifetime of being awesome.