Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview with Shannon Rusbuldt / World MS Day

 Words and Pictures by Angela Cappetta

SR=Shannon Rusbuldt
#s=FearlessMS Interviewer

1) How did you first learn about FearlessMS?
SR I was lucky enough to have Angela Cappetta contact me to do the Fearless MS ad.  
 I was honored to be a part of the project.

2) Why did you decide to get involved?
SR It was an easy decision to get involved,  I have an aunt with MS and my father is on the board of an MS charity.  It's a big part of my family.

3) Has being the model for FearlessMS helped your own charity, Fashion's Fight?  
SR Yes, Fashion's Fight is meant to reach out to a high-society fashion based crowd. This group loves their fashion news. Any time someone spots a FearlessMS ad and recognizes it, it is actually helping promote Fashion's Fight at the same time. It's all about reaching as many people as we can--so it's a very good thing.

4) How do you feel about the pictures you star in?
SR I love Angela's work. She and the entire team were so much fun on set. I think that helped create an atmosphere for amazing work.

5) Why do you the characters you're portray in the photographs communicate the need for people to rethink MS
SR I think all together we really captured the feeling of what MS can be to many people living with it. I don't think people realize how MS can effect people so differently. As much as people think models don't "act" I was trying to set myself in the mood of determination... showing the will to fight in everyday situations.

Shannon is represented by DePalma Public Relations in NYC.  Contact them for info on speaking engagements or tv appearances.