Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weddings Unveiled Controversy--A Double Standard

 Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

The Weddings Unvelied Controversy: Its Time to get Unstupid

Read from the photographer in question.

Look at the economics of this skilfully.  As a noted location photographer (Google me), I have the right to court any client base I want.  To not afford me the opportunity in a viable market place, after saying you'll run my ad, is, in the end, food off of my table.  Bridal magazines customarily run boudoir photo session ads (spoofed in the Simpsons), which I personally find repulsive--but yet, there they are.  Half naked women writhing on beds proudly display blurry ass cracks, with tag lines promising to "thrill the man in your life with a nude of you."  Yet these abortions of taste and training run alongside industry appropriate ads showing straight couples kissing.  Double standard much?

I'd tell ad sales reps how disgusting I found it and they'd all smile and say "too bad." Boudoir photography, in my opinion, is a scam to take tasteless pictures of naked chicks.

If I have to deal with questionable style aesthetic on a daily basis, so do you, Weddings Unveiled.

These people are saying that soft core porn is okay, even if I, a respected and experienced documentary photographer, think it's a joke, an insult to my training and talent?

Ads are expensive.  I have to budget months to buy one.  If I have to deal with my ad in the same publication that sells a porn veiled as "tasteful", then an editor can grow a set and deal with an image of a same sex couple politely selling a photographer's ability to capture a wedding, effectively, professionally and profitably.

And, because I'm in the mood, here's a hilarious rant from a guy who calls himself a photographer.

Here are some gorgeous same sex weddings I've shot appropriately in the signature style for which I'm known.  I love these couples, because they're great, fun, wonderful people, and, guess what, their checks clear as fast as the straight couples'.

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