Sunday, June 2, 2013

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Summer Photography Submissions

Words and Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Summer Photography Submissions

Show us your summer.  The summer that only you know.  Give us your beach blankets, your walks by the ocean, your wades in the creek, your car rides with the top down.  Show us your sandals, sunglasses, bicycles and drive-in movies. Give us velvety light in dusty corners. Give us vegetable gardens, fences or fields.  Show us hardships.  Show us what is real only in your very own summer months.

Winners will be selected for a feature on Dispatches From the Real World 

Deadline:     August 15, 2013.
Guidelines:  Send 2-6 low res jpgs to with your Paypal transaction #.
Entry Fee:   $10.00 per image--Paypal address 

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