Monday, May 19, 2014

The Terry Richardson Scandal and Me

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Terry Richardson, who, in my opinion, is no more than a wang shaking loser with a camera, is, for some reason, one of the most highly-paid photographers in the world. He has pictured everyone from Barack Obama to Madonna, and is particularly known for a brand of overtly immature and sexual imagery.

However, over the last few years, some models have accused him of sexual harassment and abuse on work assignments. He vehemently denies the allegations and says he's the victim of a witch hunt. Now some of the celebrities who have worked with him have spoken up in support of him to Channel 4 News.

In this clip, i jump in at 5:01 as the voice of reason to chime in on this issue of inappropriate behavior in the workplace right after Gavin McGinnis - with friends like Gavin, who needs enemies.

Says Kylie Morris of ITN News "Fashion photographer Angela Cappetta tries to answer our questions while she’s shooting pictures of a model on her studio rooftop.  She laughs when I ask her where Terry Richardson is in the pantheon of fashion photographers, and says there’s no pantheon.  The job is just to sell stuff: jewelry, lipstick, clothes.

Over at the Models’ Alliance, Sarah Ziff has set up a confidential service to help models who’ve been sexually harassed, or worse, at work.  She wants a change in legislation, to allow models to sue for harassment. Jamie Peck claims she was coerced into performing a sex act on Terry Richardson.  At the time, she was nude modelling, to raise money for college. He invited her to his studio to model for him.  Sitting in her back yard in Brooklyn, she tells us, ‘It was pretty awful, the whole thing.  It was a weird weird thing for me, and I felt really gross about it afterwards.

We tried to talk to Terry Richardson to hear his side of allegations that he has sexually harassed young women in the process of photo shoots.  We asked his publicists, we contacted him via email, and got a direct no to our requests for an interview.
Then we went to his studio address, to try to talk to him there.  He said no in person.  He was just back from the gym.

He has written though, for the Huffington Post, to say he has never coerced someone into something they didn’t want to do.  And that he gives everyone he works with enough respect to view them as having ownership for their free will and make their decisions accordingly.

His images clearly can and do sell stuff, inspire and provoke.  Yet a number of fashion magazines, including American Vogue, say they have no future plans to work with him.  And a slowly increasing number of models say they won’t work with him again.
But in the murky mutually dependent world of fashion very few people will actually say why, which makes divining the whole and absolute truth virtually impossible."

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