Monday, July 28, 2014

We Are Gathered Here

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

"Angela, why the wedding thing?"  I get this question a lot. For some reason, the thing I'm interested in is a head-scratcher to my peers.

What I am doing, is a form of anthropological record-keeping.  I am listening to the toll of a historical bell that records trends, social messages and even political maturity of a country that embraces the cult-like religion of normalcy and consumerism.  Sometimes, people just want to let it all hang out, their hang ups, their quirks, their freakish delights.  That's when I show up, and I fire away till I've got what I came for.

The Wedding is the perfect dramatic backdrop where heightened anxieties and emotions play out. I have an eye for narrative, in that way, I have a classic illustrator’s eye. And the ceremony, the ritual, the big emotional theater of weddings suits a photographic sensibility that’s sharp in spotting social nuances.

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