Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dome Streeter - Project Runway

 Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Every year after the tents are struck, the models cast and the runways built, we all wonder how we are going to live through another Fashion Week.  But we do, and for as insane as it is, we love it.  The photography one can make with such a cacophony shoved into tents for ten days is pretty cool.  I'm not allowed to show all of the work I shoot; some of it is kept private for the designers, some is for the agencies and some for posterity, but I was given unprecedented access to a Project Runway winning show, that of an insanely talented Philadelphia native named Dom Streeter, the first African American woman to win Project Runway.  Dom is a dynamo of brilliance and energy.  Enjoy these pictures of her owning the backstage and runway processes, and by all means, buy her clothes.

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