Friday, April 10, 2015

Coming in Hot: A Vancouver Proposal in NYC

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Some people are planners, others like to do things at the last minute.  Such is the case with Marc.  He called me 36 hours before deciding to whisk his gal to NYC to propose. He convinced her she was joining him for a work conference.  She bought it.

On the down low, Marc and I quickly settled on a location.  It would be the iconic Central Park pond with the historic Plaza behind them.  I hid in a bush (a curious New Yorker walking her Golden Doodle asked me why I was hiding in the bushes--classic. I hurriedly explained myself to her satisfaction.)

Just like the way they flew in, they strided through the park, side by side, coming in hot.  He coaxed her into jumping a fence for a picture.  Then he took a knee.

Gasp, ring, joy.

The rest, as they say, is history.