Monday, August 17, 2015

A Central Park Zoo Engagement Session

     Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Caroline and Justin realized about 2 weeks before their Rocky Mountain destination wedding, that they never had pro pictures taken together. They hired Angela Cappetta for her edgy style to give them an engagement session that was unexpected but still real. But where would it be shot? The couple knew they wanted to be photographed in the ubiquitous Central Park, but the photographer realized that the park alone wasn't specific enough. It had to be fine tuned.

After a conference call, all three were in separate states at the time, the trio determined that reenacting the location of one of their first dates was a the perfect idea. Caroline loved the zoo, and Justin wooed her by taking her there on one of their first dates. That was it! We were shooting at the zoo.

The engagement session started at their local coffee shop, Nespresso on Madison Avenue, where the couple had their morning coffee.  Then it was off to the park on foot, where their favorite exhibits awaited them, and a series of pictures was made that morning that will last them a lifetime.