Friday, January 29, 2016

Modeling 101

 Words + Photos by Angela Cappetta

Not all pro models have their faces in ads. Fit models are every bit as busy as print models - but in a different way; they serve as the body standard for designers to establish the cut of a size.

Claire Cannon, of True Model Management in New York City, is one such model. Claire is every bit as model beautiful as her print colleagues, but with one major difference, Claire actually dislikes photo shoots. Enter me. Claire and I worked together on a concept that provided her with much needed pictures for a lifestyle portfolio she's compiling so she can transition from fit to print jobs.From the looks of it, she won't have any problem.

From Claire:  "I was really thankful Angela selected the inspiration board because that helped me think of the images we wanted to create, but I am not a good actress - something I'm working on.  I looked at the inspiration photo, and I wanted to be that girl and I knew that I needed to feel like that girl.  Angela created an atmosphere that helped me feel like the happy, 'comfort-of-your-own-bed' [model], I wanted to be in that moment."

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