Sunday, May 15, 2016

Runaway Brides with Genderfluid Celeb Jeffrey Marsh

Words + Pictures by  Angela Cappetta

My team had a ball shooting the new look book for the Cotton Bride Collection on location in Long Island City. We paired the polished elegant looks with a little grit, and shot on the industrial streets of Long Island City, where the designer's atelier is located. All the designs are sewn by hand by little old ladies with decades of experience, and their craftsmanship is beyond compare. I hope you enjoy this little teaser of what was a fun day. Oh, and yes, the models are none other than Vine celeb Jeffrey Marsh, and international model Aine Rose Campbell.

From the Cotton Bride
"We speak so glowingly about the past - the roaring 20's, the glam 50's, the swinging 60's, etc.  But, those decades, no matter how they are portrayed, do not come close to the incredible times we are living in now.  Today, anyone can marry anyone, irrespective of their sex.  For those whose lives have never required them to feel different from the status quo, these enormous cultural strides may not mean much.  But for so many others, the freedoms gained over the last decade are nothing short of magnificent.

When Angela Cappetta first suggested shooting our new look-book featuring Aine Rose Campbell, top model and face of sustainable fashion, and Jeffrey Marsh, a gender-fluid celebrity and writer, we didn't hesitate.  As a brand, there is nothing The Cotton Bride values more than personal expression.  For this reason, the opportunity to showcase our designs on two such unique individuals, celebrating the very real intellectual and societal progress we have made as human beings, was one we felt proud to support. 

We hope you enjoy these beautiful, mesmerizing images - images which only a few years ago would have been unimaginable."   Fikre Ayele, The Cotton Bride