Sunday, July 24, 2016

Physique Shoot with Model James Popple

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Styles, sizes and trends all change at the speed of light in this business. Physique model James Popple rang me up to do a grunge/rugged themed shoot for his portfolio.  James is a serious athlete. He is determined, dedicated and focused.  To quote James "Dreams don't chase themselves." So it was off to the races, we picked looks, lenses and lighting and collaborated on the following session. The great news it that it seems to be working. His Insta followers have tripled since he started posting, and a certain NFL player saw this shoot and has contacted me about shooting him in a similar way. Its refreshing to see those needing their headshot/portrait game strong, think outside the box.  

Scarf by Love Is Mighty. 

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