Thursday, October 13, 2016

Shanghai Exec

Words + Pictures by Angela Cappetta

When a remarkable exec from Shanghai hit me up to say she was coming to town and needed new portraits, I heeded the call. Over the next few days we swapped ideas over email so we'd be ready when she landed. Like a pro, she shook off the jetlag, sat in the hair and makeup seat, and let us take care of her.

We were in agreement that although her current portrait was lovely, it was a little formal and didn't reflect her inner character. Fine tuning was needed. We rolled up our sleeves and had some fun.

The basics were in place for me. Flawless skin, check. Shiny mane of ebony hair, check. Can-do attitude, check. Now al lI needed to to was frame it up and fire away. She made it so easy. Working with her was a breeze. After a trademark Angela Cappetta Espresso (I'm known for my espresso) she got her third wind and we were off! The results were wonderful, and I hope she uses her new portraits from New York to Shanghai, and everywhere in between.

Thanks to Laura Costa from Ennis, Inc for her home run hair and makeup services.

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