Sunday, November 6, 2016

Heather The Heat at Gleason's Gym

Words+Pictures by Angela Cappetta

Heather the Heat is a quiet storm.  It is no surprise that within three weeks of entering the ring for the first time, Heather Hardy, the 28 year old rookie from Brooklyn, enjoyed her first win, and it suited her. Watching her is like watching a tornado gain power. Her brain, heart and body work in unison like a clock; her fists strike like sharks.  With every step she takes, she commands respect. 

On a sunny morning at Gleason's Gym, Heather Hardy and her trainer Devon welcomed me with open arms and showed me complete hospitality.  I set up my gear and started watching and waiting to fire, like Heather must, I thought, for a split second decision to punch or bob.  

Long blonde hair, high cheekbones, full lips and eyes that are both blue and yellow make her Hollywood comely. But make no mistake, Heather is an undefeated bantam-weight titleholder.  Once, she joked in regard to her rise to fame “'Yeah right, who's this little blonde with the braids?' They knew me quick because I started tearin' ass". 

Heather the Heat has forged a rich and promising career; she is an example to everyone who ever doubted that work ethic and grit don't count. I hope I captured one tenth of what she exudes.

Enjoy this portfolio of her in training.  
Hair and Makeup by Laura Costa for Ennis.

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